Cooperative Opportunity

By the three disseminating carriers, METERING China Publication is able to quickly and widely communicate good industrial news, successful stories, releases of new products or innovative concepts, with your aimed customer groups, targeted, accurate, high return on investment. Energy and utility metering industry is a highly specialized industry, METERING China always admires to the following concept of running the journal and are committed to providing high quality information products for professional readers

Professional publication serves professional readers

Excellent professional magazines have the following characteristic:

  • With a professional readership as the target of distribution, its impact is wide and deep;
  • The volume of co-related articles and information is high and quality is good, which can be read carefully or divided into multiple times to read;
  • Providing readers with the least confusing product and technical information;
  • Beautiful print and visual effects are popular with readers;
  • Readers are willing to keep it for a long time.

The above characteristics makes METERING China publication different from newspapers and other printed materials, more durable, superior preservation, high circulation rate, and more conductive to the long term role of advertising on the publication.

Corporate publicity opportunity includes:

  • Brand advertising, spread brand ideas, strengthen brand image, for enterprise development to create a good reputation and healthy market soil.
  • Product advertising, promotion of technical highlights, strengthen technical advantages, establish market position, and to build technological competiveness;
  • Advertorials, another mode of publicity that highlights brand promotion and technological advantages through the form of editorials.
  • Entrepreneur interview, through enterprise leader interview mode to promote the strategic objectives of your enterprise development, to create conditions for enterprise development and to establish confidence in the mind of customers;
  • Brand story, with the help of internet publicity, via soft text to tell the wonderful stories of the enterprise development, transmitting good image of enterprise development with positive energy, establish customer confidence to your brand name, and enhancing your influence in the industry.

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