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China Electricity Metering Market Report
First Release Dec. 1, 2019

This report is the latest released report about China power grid and smart electricity metering market, an absolute comprehensive and in-depth describing and analyzing report for international executives who are dealing in Chinese power grid and metering related market. It features the latest market development, polices and overall analysis with charts, tables, texts and makes the report easier to understand from specific market segments, product segments, market prices, and competition analysis etc.

Table of contents

1.Executive Summary
2.The Country

  • 2.1 Facts of the Country
  • 2.2 Key indicators

3. China Electric Power Industry

  • 3.1 Latest structures of State Power & South China Power Grids.
  • 3.2 Transformation of power utilities, latest policies and outlook of the Industry.
  • 3.3 Latest development & trend on ubiquitous power internet of things.
  • 3.4 Driving factors for future smart metering market deployment.
  • 3.5 The 13th Five-Year-Plan & initiatives of 14th Five-Year-Plan on China power industry.

4. China Smart Electricity Metering Market

  • 4.1 Overview of Chinese metering industry development in the 13th Five-Year-Plan.
  • 4.2 Analysis of market segmentation and size (State Power & South China Power Grid).
  • 4.3 Analysis on nationwide real estate development 2016-2018.
  • 4.4 Analysis on China rural power network and household development 2016-2018.
  • 4.5 Updates on smart meter standards and new generation of smart meters.
  • 4.6 Updates on latest metering technology development & trends.
  • 4.7 Investment opportunities and strategies for next five years

5. China Metering Market Forecast

  • 5.1 Market forecast on smart metering demand in State Power Grid.
  • 5.2 Market forecast on smart metering demand in South China Power Grid.
  • 5.3 Competition scenario analysis on local manufacturers.
6. Appendixes
7. Source of information