The Second Oversea Training Program International Market Insight & Business Development Skills
15 November 2020 Shanghai

International market insight competence is crucial to the success of international business development, for which data-driven marketing & sales is a significant skill to leverage the organization performance and empower the sales team with the minimum need of traveling to aboard! In the current epidemic situation, this strategic plan is more important simply because international travelling becomes risky and difficult, export enterprises in China need to learn how to manage the global market remotely and intelligently to lower the impact of the epidemic to their business.

To support Chinese export companies improving the capability of international market insight and better apply the skills in the development of international businesses, GSL Consulting invites you to participate in the upcoming training program on “The Second International Market Insight & Business Development Skills”, which is taking place on 15 November 2020 in Shanghai.

The program aims to enhance the power of data-driven marketing & sales in your organization, which will include the application of academic methodologies of data collection and analysis of the market in a practical way. The main topic areas are as below:
· Analyzing the industry & target market environment.
· Analyzing customers (pain points, priorities, values, satisfaction pool etc.)
· Review & analysis of the rivalry among the competitors.
· Designing a customized data collection framework and a complete case analysis on related theory and methodology applications.
· Team building, contribution & commitments and strategy development to successful marketing and sales.

What You Will Gain
You can expect to obtain the following concepts, knowledge and methodologies:
· How to promote your overseas sales based on data collection & analysis.
· Understand the way to analyze the industry and market.
· Understand the methodologies of competitive analysis.
· Understand your customer, their buying capacities, their buying attitude, preferences etc.
· How to design a mind-map and data collection platform to assist you in precise analysis based on your industry, product portfolio and services.

Who Should Attend
The program is suitable for following functional departments and managerial staffs:
· Chief marketing officers (CMO) and marketing managers.
· Senior market analysts or researchers.
· Pre-sales marketing managers and sales managers.
· International business development managers and supervisors.
· VP for marketing and sales – international of the organization.
· Company oversea strategy development executives and managers.
· All cross-functional department related business managers.
The training program will run in ENGLISH and a small class of 12-15 trainees with a combination of content presentation and interactive discussions.

The following rate structure will be used for official registration of the training program:
· One registration list rate: 2600 RMB.
      Registration before 31 October: 2300 RMB.
· Two registrations from same organization(before 31 October): 4500RMB.
· Three registrations from same organization (before 31 October) : 6000RMB.
The above registration fees include the pass to the training room, lunch and beverages, training material, certificates, rental of training room and facilities and so on.

Speaker & Instructor
The following executives will conduct the program and deliver the content:

Invited Keynote Speaker
Mr. Reza Tabrizi,
Senior Marketing & Project Development Manager,
HX Group

Reza Tabrizi, is an electrical engineer and got the MBA in strategic management. Within two decades of global experiences, he was in charge several international projects in electrical sector (transmission, distribution & utilization).
Close cooperation with many utilities aided him to gain a valuable insight into the major challenges of the power distribution companies, their needs and the ways to boost their revenues.
Reza is specialist in data-driven marketing & strategy management as well as offering tailor-made solutions based on the different scenarios and situations driven by the variety of items.
Reza strongly believes that data collection, analysis and market intelligence are the key to perform a successful business all around the world. Reza ever worked in several multi-national companies and took various managerial positions with rich experience in marketing and project development.

Speaker & Moderator
Founder, Managing Director, GSL Consulting Ltd. China
He has more than 28 years of working experiences in China energy & utility industry and has held managerial positions in both domestic and international companies, including the former Siemens Metering China and ABB China. Here he gained considerable experiences in general management, sales and marketing, business consultancy and establishing joint venture companies. He was the founder of GSL Consulting in 2002, possessed a management degree in CEIBS, and majored in power system and automation in university.

About the Organizer
GSL Consulting Ltd., found in 2002 with head office in Beijing, positioned itself as a key strategic information, event development & advisory service provider to energy and utility customer-end technology sectors and as an insider in energy and utility industries, with a focus on the electricity, water, gas and heat utility fields. So far, GSL Consulting has assisted hundreds of international organizations with its consulting services.
For registration to the program, please contact us:
Mr. Fenix Ren
Phone: 010 6800 1603 / Cell:+86 152 1032 0501 (same for WeChat)