GSL Events

All events organized by GSL Consulting Ltd. are recognized as GSL Events in the market.
GSL Events, established in 2007, is one Division in GSL Consulting Group, dedicated in developing and organizing annual high quality international Conferences and Exhibitions for Chinese energy and utilities industries.

From 2007 to 2022, GSL Events had organized more than 100 editions of annual events, big or small, including the following brand names:

- METERING China Conference & Exhibition
- Smart Heat & Metering Conference & Exhibition
- South China Heating & Cooling Conference & Exhibition
- AIOT Metering Application & Development Open Days
- All in-depth technical symposiums, workshops as well as training programs.

GSL Events serves annually over ten thousand of utility leaders and professionals from local China and international market.

Fields of expertise include smart energy and utility (transmission, distribution system operations and utilization including metering, billing, AMI, ICT etc.) and all related energy transformation, digitalization, as well as applications of IOT, mobile internet, Cloud Computing, big data, AI, block chain, and smart cities in energy and utility (electricity, water, gas and heat ) markets.

For any enquiries about GSL annual Events, please contact:

Angela LIN, VP, Head of Media & Events
Phone: +86 10 6800 1603
Cell phone: +86 1380 133 8724