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China Heat Metering Market Report
First Release Dec. 2019

This report offers you the general description about China district heating market development in the past years, heat supply industry reform progress and heat metering and billing situation right now. Meanwhile it also analyzes the heat metering industry challenges facing now, the driving factors for future deployment and what the government is doing for the next five years.

Table of content

Executive Summary
China District Heat Supply Market Reform Progress and Future Trends

1. Overview of District Heating Development in China

  • 1) Overall description of heat supply and energy saving in China
  • 2) State regulations and policies
  • 3) Industry structure – relationship sketch: from government to meter buyers
  • 4) Challenges and barriers of introducing heat metering in Chinese heat utilities
  • 5) Meter installation and billing status analysis
2. Regional/City Level District Heating and Heat Metering Development
  • 1) List of pioneering utilities, cities or regions in heat metering reform
  • 2) Major differences in different provinces

Heat Metering Market/Industry in China

1. Outline of Heat Metering Market Development in China
  • 1) Industry overall description
  • 2) Regulations and polices
  • 3) Driving factors of the industry development
  • 4) Market segmentation and size
  • 5) Technology competition analysis
  • 6) Industry forecast for the 13th Five Year Plan and key words on the 14th Five Year Plan
2. Overview of Heat Metering Manufacturers
  • 1) General description
  • 2) International suppliers
  • 3) Chinese suppliers
  • 4) Quality and price analysis