Local Support Services

Local Support Services:
No matter which stage your company is at in the Chinese market, we can continuously offer our local support services in the following areas:

  • Sourcing agency service
    No matter what utility products you want to buy from China, it is recommended that you consult with us at the initial stage. We provide suggestions and advices and even recommend some local suppliers at no cost to you. We are aware that some international companies have ever suffered big losses or failures in their China procurement projects due to the limited time and resources they have.

    We normally work as a local sourcing agent for our international clients with a reasonable service charge. The service comprises: recommendation of local suppliers, pre-assessment of the selected suppliers or manufactures, explaining the technical specification required to the manufacturer (ensuring their full understanding with necessary Chinese translation), samples arrangement, quality inspection during the factory production, and quality control by final check or testing before shipping, local monitor or control and local support for post-sale services upon request.

  • Selling to China
    If you have world class products and want to expand your footprints in Chinese market, we can offer you the following options to support you to be successful in this market.
    Marketing campaignsthat help you organize small group of target customers as per your request to present your products or technologies. This will enable you to have chances to talk with the customers on face to face basis, and to gain feedback immediately.
    Use our various publications and media services for market promotion purpose, for more details, please refer to Publishing & Media for details.
    Attend GSL events - where you have chances to meet both utilities and vendors, please refer to Events for more details.

  • Local support to:
    -> register a corporation and comply with legal requirements
    -> find suitable premises and recruit local staff
    -> set up banking facilities
    -> represent the company with local address, banking services, admin services and telephone number
    -> schedule, facilitate or attend meetings on behalf the company and assist with other activities.
    -> Any other supports can be discussed upon request.

For any request, please contact:
James Lau
Direct line: +86 (0)10 6800 1603
Mobile: +86 1360 112 8650
Email: advisors@gsl-consulting.com