Market Assessment

Market Assessment & Investigation Services
As a market developer, international trader, manufacturer, system integrator or investor, when you plan to enter Chinese market to promote your products or invest in China, you are recommended to make a thorough research of the market and to ensure that you will be able to make a sound investment decisions based on the full understanding of the opportunities and risks from the research.

The following services can be offered to the companies who are planning to enter Chinese market:

  • Customized market research
    To provide you a complete overall picture of China national market scenario or a specific market segment with detailed analysis of current market environment, market size, market price, product solutions, market requirements, competition, future development trends and market forecast.
  • Organize target customer seminars
    To assist you with organizing a certain number of customers to present your company’s products or technology and to enable you to directly gauge the level of interests and their feedbacks, these can be the basis to your right investment strategy.
  • Creditability assessment of Chinese suppliers
    To support you to investigate the current or historical market performance or financial situation of the designated Chinese supplier (s) you dominated.
  • Reputation assessment of Chinese potential partner
    To offer you an investigation service to prove facts or data declared by the company or promises about future market opportunities being told.
  • Partnerships and opportunities discovery program
    To provides you an opportunity to gain a quick understanding of the local market conditions and requirements, face to face meetings with government representatives, prospective customers, and potential partners (agents or distributors), as well as to learn how to do businesses successfully in Chinese market.
  • Other special request can be discussed.

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