Media Features

The advantage of a media lies on the speed and the ways of communication, and correlation of target readers. The media mainly feeds readers through the following three carriers of communications:

  METERING China Print Magazine

The magazine is printed in good quality in order for readers to visually feel comfortable effects and retain for years.

  METERING China Online (PC terminal)

The publication online services are published mainly on website in Chinese. The online News & Insights are served with latest industrial news, original We Chat editorials, integrated information selection and editor’s interesting sidelights. Meanwhile, it also includes latest publication news, releases of new technology and products as well as the download link of the E-magazine, free to read with no limits.


As the ONLY social media serving metering professional readers from energy and utility industries in China, the We Chat Public No. has been officially put into operation since 2014, besides covering news and features of metering, billing, AMI and ICT etc. in electricity, water, gas and heat utility industries, it also integrates factors and contents from smart energy, IOT, reform of retailing market, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, AI and smart cities. It furnishes readers with news, interests and analysis of the industry trends and developments. It also attracts more and more followers from the upstream and downstream of the industry supply chain and extended sectors.
Coverage of readerships: leaders and professionals from electricity, water, gas, and heat related industry sectors.
Subscribers: 35,000+(up to end 2022), supported by more than five We Chat groups.
Publishing frequency: one to three originally developed editorials at 6:30 AM every working day.