Message to Industry Friends

Dear Industry Friends

GSL Consulting is the pioneer of offering information, event development and advisory services in Chinese energy and utility metering fields. We believe that our approach is different from our competitors in organizing events and publishing services in China. We strive to deliver world class, high quality services and business generating environments by focusing on customer business needs.

Face to face meetings are the most effective way to do marketing in the current booming market places as more companies look to better communicate with customers and care about a measurable return of investment for their marketing spend. GSL Consulting is well positioned to serve customers with its focus on creating innovative and entertaining solutions which meet the sales and marketing needs of our customers today.

Our people are at the absolute heart of what we do. With their experience, knowledge and imagination, we delivered business winning events and publications with passion in the past years and care to ensure high levels of customer satisfactions and success.

Looking to the future, we will continue to grow and strengthen our business position in the Chinese energy and utility market, and invest in our people who make our business different from our competitors.

James lau
GSL Consulting Ltd. China
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Mobile: 0086 1360 112 8650