METERING China Publications

Branded as METERING China, established since year 2003, the magazine is printed and published four times a year in China by GSL Consulting. All editorials and advertisings are in Chinese. Editorials are sourced from experts in China and internationally, and address interests and developments in Chinese energy and utility metering market. Distribution is to 30,000+ readers for both print and electronic versions in the Chinese energy and utility industries. The readership covers readers from utilities (electric power, water, gas and heat), governmental technical inspection and standard institutions, manufactures and suppliers from upstream & downstream of metering industry, as well as non-utility users (universities, hotels, hospitals and heavy energy consumers). METERING China has become the ONLY publication and media covering Chinese energy and utility metering market and the business HUB of all technical revolutions and applications of cloud computing, big data, internet of things, mobile internet, AI and smart cities.

METERING China Print Magazine is the official publication of all GSL annual events including conferences and exhibition branded as:
- METERING China Conference & Exhibition
- SMART Heat Metering Conference & Exhibition
- South China Heating & Cooling Conference & Exhibition
- IOT Metering User Conference
- All in-depth technical symposiums, workshops as well as training programs.

For advertising on the publication or publishing articles, please contact:
Angela LIN, VP, Head of Media & Events
Phone: +86 10 6800 1603
Cell phone: +86 1380 133 8724