Sponsoring Opportunity
If your answer is YES to the following questions, you should take a sponsorship at GSL Events.

  • Is your company planning to continuously increase your brand awareness in the national or international market?
  • Does your company intend to position yourself as a technology leader or a thought leader in the industry?
  • Is your company looking to enhance your company profile in those key accounts and decision makers in the industry sector?
  • Does your company plan to differentiate from your competitors and showcase your unique technologies and solutions?
  • Do you want to improve your customer retention level, whilst focusing on generating new business leads?
Sponsorship at GSL Events increases your company’s profile before, during and after the event, draws extra attention to your brand name, your booth, and shows attendees you care. If you don’t have a booth, sponsorship is also a great way to get the visibility you need before, during and after the event. A variety of sponsorship opportunities is available, each making sure your company gets exceptional exposure, brand position, sales opportunities and thought leadership.

Exhibiting Opportunity
Exhibiting at GSL events offers you:

  • An unique networking platform for industry professionals and decision makers in the utility business concerned.
  • The best way to meet a large number of potential clients in person and especially meet the “right people” from your niche market.
  • Numerous opportunities at each event to interact with participants during the social functions such as lunches, coffee breaks, networking or cocktail receptions all taking place on the exhibit floor.
  • An opportunity to showcase your unique products and solutions to your prospects.
  • An opportunity for your potential customers to experience your demonstrations and hospitality.

Attending GSL Conference
As GSL conference themes are jointly developed by the industry experts for the industry professionals, attending GSL Conferences can:

  • Meet the people that really matter from the business fields you are in.
  • Get smart ideas and practical tips to avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.
  • Obtain new business contacts from the various networking opportunities.
  • Be updated with industry outlooks and latest development progress.
  • Acquire practical tips you need to take your business to a higher level
  • Give you a 360 degree understanding of all aspects of the dynamic industry development from business strategy to modern technologies.
  • More benefits are to be experienced onsite.
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